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Jojo Bee Photography located in Wichita Kansas, where we believe it is more than just taking photographs; it is also about the whole process from beginning to the end. We love that we get to provide a luxurious experience that is tailored to your unique needs. Our elegant studio is designed to be a sanctuary where you can slow down and really connect with this tiny new life.


Your little one is the most precious thing in your life, and that's why our photographer a safety course badge along with a qualified newborn photographer badge (APNPI) and is also voted one of Wichita Kansas Best Newborn Photographers several years in a row by 14 Best Wichita Newborn Photographers |


We offer a range of designer gowns, body suits and materials in our client closet, as well as handmade props that will showcase your newborn in the most beautiful way possible.


While you are getting pampered with hair and make-up, photographer will capture every detail and moment of your newborn, making sure to provide you with a range of exquisite photographs that you can cherish forever. A comfortable and welcoming atmosphere awaits you and your family, where you can bask in the beauty of this special time.


At Jojo Bee Photography, we pride ourselves on providing a truly high-end experience that will exceed your expectations. We are passionate about our craft and are dedicated to creating stunning, personalized photographs that capture the essence of your family's unique story. From our luxurious studio to our personalized approach, every detail has been carefully curated to ensure that your experience is one of a kind. We look forward to welcoming you and creating unforgettable memories that you will treasure for a lifetime.



At Jojo Bee Photography, your newborn's safety is our top concern. We understand that every newborn is delicate and needs special attention to ensure their safety during a photography session. As a Photographer with over 20 years of professional portrait experience, I am dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable environment for your newborn.

We take great care to support your baby at all times during the session. We believe that not only must your baby be comfortable, but you must be too.

In addition to the physical safety of your baby, we also provide a clean environment for their protection. All wraps, headbands, equipment, and other props used during the session are thoroughly sanitized following every use. We only use detergents appropriate for your baby's sensitive skin when washing our props and clothing, including the attire worn by our team members.

At Jojo Bee Photography, we are committed to ensuring that your newborn's safety and comfort are never compromised. You can trust us to provide a safe, clean, and welcoming environment for your baby's photography session.


If you, your child or anyone in your household become ill before your shoot please call so that we may reschedule. Likewise, if we must cancel due to illness, we will call you to reschedule.

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