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Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Newborn photography is an incredibly rewarding experience. There's something special about being able to capture those early moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. Newborns change so quickly, and it's amazing to be able to document their growth and development through fine art photography.

As a professional newborn photographer based out of Wichita, I wanted to quickly share four tips for newborn photo shoots that will ensure the best all around experience for you and your little one.


With our newborns, we're so tempted to dress them up and prepare them for a glamorous photo shoot. But what I've found really captures the wonder of a new life is to go back to basics.

Unlike children and adults, newborns aren't yet aware of their surroundings, so they're not going to stare intently at the camera or try to strike a pose.

Instead, they're much more likely to just be themselves. That's part of what makes newborn photography so special! It captures a moment in time that can never be replicated.

Newborns typically sleep a lot (a good thing), so one of the best ways to capture their delicate features is to place them in a peaceful, sleepy setting.

A white or light-colored blanket makes a great backdrop, and soft lighting helps to bring out the baby's natural beauty.

If you're thinking about getting some newborn photos taken, I suggest that you keep it simple - because that's often where the best photos are found.


Now, just because I mentioned simplicity, it doesn't mean that your newborn photos can't be creative!

Newborn photography can be done in a studio or in the comfort of the home, and there are many different options to choose from. Whether you want your little one in traditional poses or something more stylized, the goal will always be to capture the beauty and innocence of your new baby.

Often, we can use props like stuffed animals and toys to add interest to the photos, but the focus should always be on your baby.

Keep in mind, a lot of the styling and creativity of the photo can happen in the editing. This way, we can keep your baby happy during the photo shoot. And this leads me to my next point...


A sleeping baby is a happy baby. And a sleeping baby makes for the best overall photo shoot.

Newborn photography is a special and delicate art form. Unlike most other types of photography, newborn photography involves working with subjects who are unable to communicate their needs or preferences. As a result, it's essential to prioritize comfort at all times.

Part of keeping your baby comfortable is to keep them warm and bundled. We want to get those perfect shots, and keeping your baby wrapped up tightly will give us a longer time to work with them.


My final and most important tip for you is to make sure they're safe at all times.

As a new mama, you know that newborns are precious, and it's essential to take care when handling them.

During the entire photo shoot, we want to make sure the baby's head and neck are supported. We also want to be careful not to jostle them too much. Also, we want to make sure there isn't any equipment (like tripods or lighting) that could accidentally fall on them.

Capturing these special moments in time, when your child is so new to the world, is so rewarding and keeping them safe makes for a fun photo shoot and images to enjoy for years to come.


I always feel honored when I'm chosen to capture such an important time in a family's life.

Seeing the joy on the parent's faces when they see the photos for the first time is truly priceless. Knowing that I was able to give them something that they'll cherish forever is what makes newborn photography so special to me.

These photos are not only creative works of art, but they are also cherished memories that you will look back on and cherish forever.

If you're thinking about getting fine art photography for your newborn, be sure to contact me here or give me a call at 620-202-1429

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